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2017 Rocky Mountain Vehicle Crimes Seminar
May 7-11, 2017
Double Tree Hilton –550 Village Road, Breckenridge, CO 80424

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CATI Conference - BOUNCE - Break Out Session

Monday – 10AM – NOON | Brite & Vigilant Solutions | LEARN & Commercial Data

Brite and Vigilant would like to invite all command, investigators and crime analysts to Colorado’s ALPR standard – LEARN server and it’s capabilities to help law enforcement locate vehicles of interest, develop investigative leads, solve cases, improve officer safety and save lives and property utilizing these tools.  LEARN is the management of the ALPR data and analytical tools used to achieve the goals of all investigators/analysts alike.  This is the same system that has been standardized through Colorado State Patrol and CATPA.

Commercial Data – over 5 billion plate scans throughout the US and millions within Colorado will assist your investigations and find vehicles of interest and offenders quicker, where ALPRs with law enforcement are not available and will enhance efforts with a force multiplier of ALPR scans and plate reads.

Tuesday – 10AM to NOON | Brite & Vigilant Solutions | FACIAL RECOGNITION

Brite and Vigilant would like to invite all command, investigators and crime analysts to the Facial Recognition break-out session.  Vigilant will be providing an in depth look at Facial Recognition technology and advances to help solve cases.

Roger Rodriguez Biometrics Bio/Introduction

Roger Rodriguez, Director of Public Safety Business Development for Vigilant Solutions, joined the company after twenty years with the New York City Police Department. His first job was patrolling the South Bronx with officers in the 44th Precinct. After September 11th, the NYPD recruited him to the Communications Division providing graphic support for investigations. Roger was transferred to the Intelligence Division and conducted counter-terrorism security assessments for luxury hotels, educated businesses on pre-incident terrorism indicators, patrolled high-profile events and locations briefing the Emergency Services Unit on intelligence-driven maneuvers, and provided dignitary protection to world leaders including the POTUS, the First Lady, and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Roger helped develop the Facial Identification Section of the NYPD’s Real Time Crime Center, spearheading efforts to deploy their first dedicated facial recognition unit. A recognized expert at enhancing low-quality images for successful use with facial recognition software, during his NYPD tenure Roger analyzed and enhanced thousands of images for high-profile criminal investigations resulting in many matches leading to arrests. His enhancement techniques have revolutionized law enforcement’s use of facial recognition technology. Law enforcement professionals around the world have learned from him, putting his strategies to work in their agencies and investigations.

World renowned facial recognition expert Roger Rodriguez will explore the best practices and cutting edge techniques helping facial recognition technology realize its full potential as a law enforcement tool. This in depth look at the facial recognition process contains value for attendees of all experience levels. Step by step Mr. Rodriguez will explain how to maximize success in the facial recognition process to generate effective investigative leads for agencies.

Best practices will be explored to establish a rock solid foundation for attendees interested in adopting this technology within their agencies or simply gaining a better understanding of the facial recognition process. From the proper capture of images for searching and gallery management to the identification of a potential match, this presentation will explore the most effective ways to utilize facial recognition.

Mission Statement

The purpose of this Association is to unite the public, law enforcement and insurance industry investigators, who are concerned with the prevention and investigation of motor vehicle thefts and kindred crimes; to promote the exchange of investigative information; and to create a forum for better communication among investigators in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Region, and the Nation.

CATI is a nonprofit organization as described under Section 501(C)(6) of the Internal Revenue Service Code. As such, CATI’s tax returns are available for public inspection. If you wish to inspect our organization’s tax returns, please contact the CATI Treasurer, listed below, to schedule an appointment.

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